june 2007

Some older pictures of Requiem are online now.
And if you want to spend more time watching images, visit Christy Road's website croadcore.org, where you can find a lot of her amazing art. Currently i live in Poland and i really need to look at pictures like hers from time to time to remember myself that the world is full of cool, rad queers and queer imaginery, of people that demand a life beyond the heteronormative, monogamous romantic love scheme and stereotypical gender roles. Unluckily this place where i live is exactly the opposite and sometimes i feel so fucking alienated when i walk through this city. I would really like to paste Christy's pics all over town!

march 2007

a few new pictures have been added, all from fall last year: Ballast, Witch Hunt and No Rest, and all were amazing gigs. i am a bit disappointed about the no rest pics, they are all totally blurry.
i have increased the resolution of the pictures a bit, since nowadays most people have high bandwidth and a lot of screens have high resolution, so that on them the pictures look really small.
i guess there will be no new pics uploaded this year because i left hamburg for some months and couldn't take my camera.

october 2006

Here is the link to an exhibition that shows amazing pictures: "Strahlende Orte". It is about Tschernobyl. 20 years have passed since than. I like this exhibition very much. This topic is very important for me. It guess it was the first time in my life that I was really confronted with what is happening in the world. A nuclear cloud entered my childhood bubble. At school we weren't allowed to go out in the breaks, we couldn't drink any more milk and people tried to get the last conservated milk from the shops that were produced before April 26th 1986. That year we couldn't eat vegetables and fruits from our garden. My life suddenly changed a lot without any visible reason... "... you cannot see it". I think although I was only in 2nd grade I understood a lot. When I was a little bit older I read a lot about Tschernobyl and it made me get interested in politics.

july 2006

EXHIBITION IN BERLIN: From July 21 to August 19th 2006 you can see some of my pictures at the Brotfabrik in Berlin. There's an exhibition called PUNK ECHO about 30 years of punk with several artists' work. On 21st-23rd July 2006 there are also gigs, readings, movies, fanzines and more. http://www.punkecho.brotfabrik-berlin.de

moreover yolamda photography has entered the myspace world. you can be friends with me here: http://myspace.com/punkfoto. this is also a way to get to know when i upload new photos - what just happens very randomly.

may 2006

i've added pictures of three of my favorite bands. it's i Object! who played hamburg this week. then as promised pics of Kylesa, the best gig i attended last year. i'm still amazed. and finally, finally i put photos of the 244 gl up. i can't believe it's almost three years that i took them. i can still remember the gig, and after that i have seen them several times. one of my favorite live bands. so much chaos. every instrument is fantastic. the most awful and fierce guitar solos sounding so good, great drums, great bass, killer vocals, and all that in a perfect mixture.

december 2005

hell, yes. finally there are new pictures up: Våld at Rote Flora Hamburg.

october 2005

in september i had an exhibition at ladyfest bielefeld. it was really nice, thanks a lot. watching all the pics i remembered a lot of the gigs, the atmosphere was really close again - that is really great about photography: that pictures are not just pictures but they can carry so much. so the exhibiton inspired me to take some new pictures. i took my camera to the vald & kylesa gig and to requiem. all bands were great but especially laura, the guitar player of kylesa, and the drummer of requiem blew me away. in catharsis she played bass, but now she switched to drums - and it's amazing to watch her play! the pics of all three bands turned out ok, not as good as i hoped but... (except vald, they are better than expected) ...i think the gigs were just too good, its not capable in a picture so i am little bit disappointed about them. but better great gigs than great pictures. anyway, i really hope i manage to put them online.
soon after i started taking pictures again i realized one of the reasons why i stopped - it's just so fucking expensive, especially if you don't have your own lab and cannot push, then you need this fuckin expensive films blabla...capitalism sucks.
sorry for the people that wrote me, i suck in replying emails and i guess it won't change...

june 2005

nothing ever happens
nice to kill time: http://keithrosson.com.

february 2005

punk rock is so fuckin' dead. it seems like there is nothing between ugly ultra-maskulin neandertal style crust and whimpy emo "listen to my problems. the world is against me and all i can do is cry and suffer"-crap and the oh-so-arty no wave "wir sind so abgefahren und ham die richtigen drogen"-möchtegern-avantgarde. what the hell do you need all this wannabee-proffesional booking agencies for? maybe all the people get ich-ag-money and turn their "hobby" into business. and all the bands seem to be to stupid too book their tours themselves but at least they manage to do a press kit, a tour rider, silly promo-pics and consult a fashion-stylist before they have any good songs. there really is nothing, absolutly nothing that is worth taking pictures of it.
if you want to view some band pictures despite that go here: www.tinseltown-damned.de.vu.

2004, winter/fall

i can't remember the last time i took band pictures. i guess it was the wolves gig. nearly one year ago.
i was thinking about moving the site to a free hoster (or whatever you call it). email me if you know a good (and fast/quick) one. i'd still like to put up a exhibition or better to have someone put it up because i'm lacking the energy & time for it.
some strange news i read a while ago: during the cow madness disease (BSE) time kodak started to keep their own cows in argentina. because of the cow disease/madness and all the cows being burned and not slaughtered they ran short of gelatine. photography is not really a good thing to do for vegan punks. they should go digital. i should. but i'll stay analog. i'm really sorry cows & pigs and whatelse! but i also heard that someone tries to develop film without gelatine, but on the other hand kodak (i guess) stopped all research on analog films. the future is digital. haha.

2004, March 29th

Better late than never: a few new pictures. Gertrude at Ladyfest Hamburg, Wolves and Let It Burn.

2004, February 17th

Nothing is happening here but I did not bury yolamda.net yet and i think i won't but don't expect news more often than every six months or something right now. I do not take much pics anymore. One reason is a lack of interesting bands and places, another is me being too lazy to carry my camera around and so many pics have already been shot. Last pics are of Wolves (not developed yet) but the light sucked and I cannot find time to put any pics online. Maybe I should start to use an editor programme instead of writing the html code all by my own....
You could see some of my pics at Ladyfest Trier in january. Thank you Hilde! Some far away future plan is to put up a small exhibition in Hamburg but I need more paper pics for that what means more time to go to the lab.... If you are interested in exhibiting my pics in your city get in contact. I guess this request is limited to Germany because of postage costs but if you have enough money to buy me a plane ticket I will come to every place. Because it's fucking cold in hamburg right now I would prefer some sunny places....
To the people writing: thank you, it's always nice to get responses. Maybe one day i will find time to answer you, days are just too short and life outside of the computer world too interesting!

2003, October 3rd

New: Rogers Sisters and The Assistant.

2003, September 16th

Ladyfests were great, especially the one in Amsterdam but I can not judge the one in Hamburg because I was (too) busy with organizing all the time. It's awsome to meet so many inspiring people! It gives me so much motivation, I'd like to start a thousand new projects but I'm still busy with all the ones that are already going on. And it was great to see The 244 GL a few days after Amsterdam, their singer is very inspiring too. I hope I got some good pix but the light was not that good, there was nearly no light except my flash.
I was too busy during ladyfests to take pictures although it was such a great opportunity to photograph, but you cannot do 5 things at one time so I only took a few of Gertrude. Right now I added the pictures of Turbostaat. Oh, and I'm very happy that I have access to a photolab again. The disadvantage is that it's about 200km away, but the best is that it is my own and I got the stuff nearly for free. Anyway, I will continue to scan negatives because making paper pix is so expensive and I don't really need paper versions so I will only do that with my favorite pix, but it is fucking great to smell the brom again and get that grainy look! It's so much more aesthetical than this crappy digital look [although the last does not pollute water and there are no dead animals used for my computer. I wonder if there is vegetarian/vegan photopaper and films. I don't think so :-( ].

2003, August 12th

You can see some of my pictures in "real" at the Ladyfest in Amsterdam and in Hamburg. They are shown in Hamburg on the 23rd of August at the Rote Flora (upstairs) at the concert with Montekktoni, The Sighs Of Sissified Resistance, Don't Nod and Push Ups. There are also Djs and Performances of dragkings and "Boygroups". It will cost 5€.

2003, July 23rd

I uploaded pictures of two great live bands: Deerhoof and X.Lover. Next are La Fraction (they have such a great singer!), Assistant, Turbostaat (too bad the light sucked, but anyway it is much better so see them live yourself than just on pics) and yes, also Henry Rollins covering Black Flag.

2003, July 6th

new: Robots In Disguise + Fabulous Disaster.
Thanks for all the nice mails I get, I will answer them all but it will take some time so please be patient.

2003, June 30th

No, the site is not dead. I'm just busy with other things but i hope to be able to update the site at the end of july. Pix of La Fraction, Deerhoof, Robots In Disguise, Seconds and X-Lover are waiting. Summer is here and there are better things to do than sitting in front of a computer, but anyway, i can really recommend to visit www.punkrockacademy.com. It is a great site with fantastic interviews, Team Dresch is already one of my all time faves but after i read the interview with Jody they are even greater (if that is possible). There are lots of other interesting interviews like with Lois Maffeo and lots of other writings like essays, columns, articles. I just started reading but there seems to be a lot to expire.

2003, February 15th

new: J Majesty + Eniac.

2003, February 3rd

New pictures of Boxhamsters!. It has taken very long to update this site. I hope to upload new pictures more frequently again in the future. I didn't take new ones in the last months because of a damaged flash light and lack of interesting gigs, but there are still so many old pictures that i want to put on the site.

If anyone is interested: There will be be a ladyfest in hamburg this year! I'm already excited to photograph all the great ladies although nothing is concrete yet. If you want to get involved with ladyfest contact me or visit www.ladyfesthamburg.org .

2002, November 3rd

new: Erase Errata + Books Lie + Submission Hold.

2002, October 30th

new: Pretty Girls Make Graves.

2002, October 17th

You can now see new pictures of Milky Wimpshake and Kaospilot.

2002, September 8th

I added images of Angstzustand and 90 Day Men. The 90 Day Men pics are some of my favourite pictures I took so far, so please take a look. Furthermore I finally updated the gallery.

2002, August 21st

NEW: Do Make Say Think

2002, July 26th

The more free time I have the less time I find to work on this website, but actually I added Trapdoor (fucking) Exit and Your Halo Is A Radar. Moreover i added a bandlist link on the menu on the left for better navigation. Next there will follow an update of the gallery and the pictures of Do Make Say Think and 90 Day Men, so come back soon

2002, June 24th

NEW: Soophie Nun Squad, Engine Down, Yaphet Kotto, Brustkrebs.

2002, June 15th

I added new pictures of North of America, The Plan and Dianogah.
Books Lie, Bambix, Robocop Kraus, 90 Day Men, Angstzustand, Fabolous Disaster, Brustkrebs, Engine Down, Eniac, Trapdoor (fucking) Exit and Your Halo Is A Radar will follow in the unknown future.

2002, May 11th

NEW: Lack.

2002, May 7th

I added pictures of JR Ewing. If I have more time I´ll scan the negatives of Do Make Say Think, Yaphet Kotto and Sean Na Na.

2002, April 18th

New Photos of Song Of Zarathustra and Bratmobile are online. Soon there will follow some of JR Ewing, Lack, Dianogah and Soophie Nun Squad.

2002, March 25th

The link section is up and new photos of Twelve Hour Turn and Sigur Ros. There will be images of Bratmobile soon. If there are any links that are not working please let me know. If you want to change a link to your site write me.

2002, February 26th

I added pictures of The Ex and Man Or Astroman?. I also made some corrections for the Netscape Navigator and older MS Internet Explorer because I got many complaints. Again I can only recommend to use MS Internet Explorer 6.0 for the best view! (MS IE is more supportive of new codes and since Netscape is bought by AOL/ TimeWarner there isn´t any "ethical" choice for Netscape.).
Oh, and if you tried to mail me, I´m sorry. I made a mistake and couldn´t receive any mail, so please try again!

2002, February 18th

There are new photos of Aereogramme, the Secretly Canadian Night with Jason Molina, Scout Niblett and June Panic, Muff Potter and the crazy Oxes. These guys are coming back to Europe in spring and you should really look out for one of their gigs! Very great live band.

2002, February 16th

Aus irgendwelchen unerfindlichen Gründen funktioniert die Weiterleitung von www.outofstep.de nicht. Wenn ihr also die Playlist der Radiosendung vom 15.02.2002 anschauen wollt, schaut unter www.yolamda.net/outofstep.

2002, February 14th

Welcome to my photopage! It is still under construction, so you have to wait a little bit until everything works. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know. If you need a soundtrack while watching the site I´d suggest Huggy Bear´s "February 14th"!

About this site: In late 2000 I started to take pictures of most of the the bands I saw live - mainly in Hamburg/ Germany. I spent million of hours in the photo lab to develope the pictures, spent very much money on films, chemicals and paper... In some way it was frustrating to invest all the time+money just to have some boxes with hundreds of photos at home, watch them from time to time on a rainy afternoon and maybe hang a few of them on my wall... So I decided to learn html and created this page.

As you might notice the newer pictures are scanned from the negative and not from paper - I prefer the last but due to a lack of time, money and very limited availibility of a photo lab the negative scanning became the easier way. But I definetely miss the grain of high contrast and the waiting until you can see first lines of the picture lying in the developer...

If you are interested in the technical aspects: I use a Nikon F801s with a 24-70mm/ 1:3.5 - 5.6 or 105mm/ 1:2.8 lense and sometimes a 70-200mm lense plus a simple flashlight. Depending on the light situation (always too dark!!!) I use Kodak T-Max 3200 and Tri-Max or T-Max 400 (sometimes pushed).

So far you can see the following bands:

... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Cave In
Flamingo Massacres
Kings Of Convenience
Last Days Of April
Lemko Hall
Les Savy Fav
North Of America
Planes Mistaken For Stars
Pleasure Forever
Rah Bras
Rhythm King And Her Friends
Song Of Zarathustra
Stand Still
World/ Inferno Friendship Society

I still have a lot of negatives and pictures that I want to scan and publish. These are the bands that will come next:

Bright Eyes As Friends Rust Arab Strap Engine Down Jello Biafra Strike Anywhere Section 8 Barra Head The Ex Oxes Hot Water Music Aerogramme The Weakerthans Secretly Canadian Night Twelve Hour Turn Soundtrack Of Our Lives Dandy Warhols Leatherface Rival Schools Muff Potter Hives J. Majesty Kante B/W Sunshine Sigur Ros Man Or Astrorman Euroboys Melt Banana Guts Pie Earshot Bright Eyes Blue Tip Frank Black And The Catholics The (International) Noise Conspiracy

* pictures on top (from left to right): Oxes, Hot Water Music, Milemarker, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Stand Still, Song Of Zarathustra.