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Bands . . . 

* ... And You Will Know Us By The Trial Of Dead *
* The 244 GL *
* Brustkrebs (rip) *
* Cave In *
* Engine Down (rip) *
* Flamingo Massacres (rip) *
* Gertrude *
* Hot Water Music (rip) *
* I Object *
* JR Ewing (rip) *
* Kante *
* Kylesa *
* Lack *
* Lemko Hall *
* Les Savy Fav *
* Milemarker *
* Muff Potter *
* Oxes *
* Rah Bras *
* Reiziger (rip) *
* Submission Hold *
* Trapdoor Fucking Exit *
* Turbostaat *
* World/ Inferno Friendship Society *
* Yaphet Kotto *

more band photography . . . 

* 12XU *
* More Than Music *
* Photomag *
* Pictures For The Masses *
* Punk As Fuck *
* Tinseltown Damned *
* XembraceX *
* Yellow Is The New Pink*

other photography:
* James Nachtwey *

Labels . . . 

* 5 Rue Christine *
A sisterlabel of Kill Rock Stars with bands like Deerhof, Semiautomatic, XBXRX, Get Hustle, Seconds, Outhud, Young People....
* Chainsaw *
Donna Dresch´s label with releases of her own legendary band Team Dresch and other like Heavens To Betsy, Sleater-Kinney, Tracy And The Plastics, The Third Sex, The Need, The Infinite Xs ...
* Constellation *
Montreal label with some of the most beautiful music around. Do Make Say Think, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Frankie Sparo, Hanged Up, A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra... Awesome handmade(!) artwork as well.
* Day After *
Czech label with bands like Robocop Kraus, Sunshine, Lumen and good priced records of american bands like Rah Bras, Four Hundred Years ...
* Dim Mak *
Music of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Envy, Nine Days Wonder, Cross My Heart, Kill Sadie, No Knife... Run by Steve Aoki who also is in This Machine Kills and writes columns for a lot of zines (I guess he also has his own).
* Dischord *
I guess there is nothing left to say about this label, you cannot think of hardcore without thinking of this label and all the fabulous bands.
* Earth Water Sky *
Done by a Yage member with releases of this band, The Oliver Twist, Lack, Engine Down, Robocop Kraus, The Shampoo ....
* Ebullition *
Great bands like Submission Hold, Still Life, Orchid, Yaphet Kotto, Los Crudos.... and always very nice+personal packaged. Sadly Kent McClard stopped releasing records. Also home of the HeartattaCk Zine
* GSL *
Music from !!!, Le Shok, Mars Volta, The Pattern, Sunshine, Gogogo Airheart, The Rapture... and other hip stuff.
* Heartcore Records *
Lots of female & queer artists including The Haggard, Winterbrief, Ruby Falls...
* K *
Think of Cadallaca, The Make Up, The Rondelles, ... and of course founder Calvin Johnson´s Beat Happening. Indie pop label no. 1!
* Kill Rock Stars *
Half of my all time favourite records are released by this fantastic label founded by Slim Moon. Too much to mention, just think of Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Huggy Bear, Bratmobile, Unwound, Heavens To Betsy, Excuse 17, The Gossip... As great as the bands are as bad is the european distribution. Such a pity!
* Level Plane *
Releases of Books Lie, Saetia, Neil Perry, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Off Minor....
* Lovitt *
Bands like Engine Down, Milemarker, Rah Bras, Four Hundred Years, Sleepytimetrio....
* Mr.Bachelor *
Small label with 7" of 125 Rue Montmartre, Winston, The Jukebox Scenario, Play the Piano Drunk like A Percussion Intrument Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed...
* Mr.Lady *
Founded by Kaia Wilson´s (of Team Dresch, The Butchies) and Tammy Rae it is now run by the latter one alone. It is a record and video label supporting female artists & dykes like The Butchies, Sarah Dougher, Le Tigre, Tami Hart, Electrelane...
* Narshardaa *
A nice label and distro from northern germany that has relesed records of great bands like Endmonster, Angstzustand, Arsen, Amtrak, Soophie Nun Squad.
* Nova Recordings *
Like Earth Water Sky also done by a Yage member with lots of nice releases like Kaospilot, Yage, A Trillion Barnacle Lapse, XBXRX, Envy, Oliver Twist, ... They also distrubute records of other labels and recently they started to distribute zines.
* Paraoxysm *
A label from Washington DC that has mostly female artists playing punk/ indie guitar/ pop stuff like Golden Starlet, Makeshift Conspiracy, The Turn-Offs, Delta Dart....
* Per Koro *
Bands like Enfold, Tidal, Linsay, Loxiran, Chispa...
* Reflections Records *
Always nice artwork for bands like Good Clean Fun, Siren, The Control ...
* Rewika *
German home of North Of America.
* Slampt *
Unfortunately the Slampt Underground Organization is no more, but the site is still online as an archive. Dedicated to the D.I.Y. idea it was done by Rachel and Pete of Pussycat Trash/ Red Monkey/ Milky Wimpshake/ Avocado Baby. Home for fanzines and records of the a.m. and Golden Starlet, Bette Davis And The Balconettes, International Strike Force, Unseen, Kodiak...
* Sound Virus *
The guy running Sound Virus formerly did Hopscotch. Releases of Red Light Sting, The Red Scare, Pretty Girl Make Graves, True North, The Blood Brothers ...
* Teenbeat Records *
The Rondelles have released some of their records here. Also lots of other bands. Maybe one of the most important US Indie labels
* Three One G *
San Diego based label with always nice package but also expensive. Bands like Black Cat #13, Swing Kids, The Locust, Holy Molar ...
* Troubleman Unlimited *
Lots of good records like Red Monkey, Glass Candy, Sean Na Na, Song Of Zarathustra, Erase Errata, Unwound, Pussycat Trash, Panthers ...
* Villa Villakula *
Small label with great records of Sleater-Kinney, Bonfire Madigan and others. Run by Tinuviel I guess
* Wiija *
Former UK home of the lovely Huggy Bear, the first Le Tigre record and bands like Bis.
* Vida Loca *
An italian Label focussed on queer and girl bands like Subtonix, The Haggard, Dominatrix and Motorama. There is also Porca Mardonna Distro also mainly for queer, girl and other cool stuff. Giulia has some otherwise in Europe hard to find stuff like of records Paroxysm Records..., so take a look.
* X-Mist *
Beside a good mailorder they release bands like the fantastic Flamingo Massacres, Kurt, Les Savy Fav, Pretty Girls Make Graves, World/ Inferno Frienship Society...

Other.Music.Stuff . . . 

* Antipolis *
Just take a look.
* Diskant Network *
A network of websites by independent bands, fanzines, labels.
* Espressiva *
A musicfestival for women and more once a year in Hamburg.
* Freies Sender Kombinat 93.0mhz *
Selforganized radio project in Hamburg with a full-frequency and lots of good political and music shows.
* Hafenklang *
Lots of the photos on this site are taken there.
* Ladyfest * was put up for the the first Ladyfest in Olympia, WA 2000. Ladyfest is a festival for female art and music and also contains various workshops etc. This site is an archive and also contains links to planned ladyfests in the US and Europe.
* Ladyfest Europe *
The site for information about European Ladyfests.
* Ladyfest Hamburg *
Last but not least the site of the Ladyfest Hamburg which is planned for September 2003. Get involved!
* Ladyshake *
A feminist queer (party) group from Bielefeld that's active around the AJZ.
* More Than Photos *
If you are not tired watching live music photography visit this site, that is the online-version of a "real life" exhiibition and a booklet called "More Than Music" including pictures and interviews is also available.
* oUt oF stEp *
My radio show on FSK with and about music from bands like the ones on the pictures on this site.
* Rote Flora *
The local squat in Hamburg with lots of nice concerts and other activities.

If you want to buy some records or zines:
* Commander Keen Zine Distro *
A new Zine distro located in Munich.
* xfairplayx Mailorder *
Mostly DIY Hardcore Punk stuff for very good prices. Also a frequently updated resource for the latest concert dates and tours in Germany.
* Nova Recordings + [zine] Distro *
Not only a record label but also a distro with lots of great zines. * Passionate Resistance *
Not longer a zine distro but now transformed into a network platform.
* Pleasure Syndicate Mailorder *
hc/punk indie guitar stuff for fair prices
* X-Mist *
Another punk hardcore mailorder and also running their own label (and in the past Plot Zine). Always good for finding new interesting bands and hey, believe it or not they have more than one alibi-female (punk) artist (unlike so many other mailorders).

ONLINE FANZINES.... Most of the ones I know are kind of loveless, boring answer-question-games obviously with the main intention to get free records or even paid adds. Especially so called punk/ hardcore zines often seem to have the aim to give attention to bands that - I think - need no intention. A FANzine (or maybe just say zine because of the misleading meaning of FAN; at least not meaning a magazine) in my eyes should be made with love and passion (what must not mean reading someone´s diary) and I can find that much more in printed zines. Prove me wrong (You can find some links to zine distros above).
* Arranca!/ fels *
Arranca! ist eine Politmagazin "für eine linke Strömung", fels das Kollektiv, das (nicht nur) das Heft herausgibt. Eines der wenigen Politikhefte, was auch visuell interessant ist.
* Grrrlzinenet *
A fucking amazing source to find all kinds of zines all over the world: about music, art, personal stuff,... and feminism of course. Also interviews with a lot of fanzineeditors.
* Mediareader *
A printed zine done by Dave Laney of Milemarker and other people about politics, music, life.... Intersting and all articles are available online.
* My War *
The printed zine is now called "Shit me a mountain of lies please". The website is not as interesting as the zine but you can order it here.
* Not Just Boys Fun *
You can find photos here as well as texts that have been released in Paper Zines called Rote Tränen and Not Just Boys Fun. Theres is also some other stuff like lots of quotes etc. And the name rules!
* Punk Planet *
If you want to know the content of the latest number or also the content of all old numbers you can find it here. There are also mp3s for download. I guess it´s my favourite magazine for combining music, art and politics.
* Reason To Believe *
A printed zine focussed on European diy activity including music.
* Venus Zine *
A printed magazine about female artists, mainly musicians. You can read some articles online. Features/ interviews with/ about a lot interesting people like Sharon Cheslow, Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip, Tracy And The Plastics.......

Non.Music.Stuff . . . 

* Indymedia *
I think everybody already knows them.
* Indymedia Deutschland *
* Kristian Goddard*
Go here if you are interested in graphic arts. It´s the online portofolio of a friend.)
* Nadir *
Plattform fuer allemoeglichen linken Themen, Termine usw.
* Not Bored *
Situationist and more stuff.
* Radio St.Paula *
A feminist radiogroup that is part of the free radio FSK Hamburg 93.0MHz (Freies Sender Kombinat).
* Riotgrrl Europe *
Oh yes, riot grrl´s not dead and it´s still time for a riot grrl revolution!. Find more information about european riot ladies.
* *
Information about current squatting activity and more.
* *
They are in the copy and paste. If you lack the money for buying books try this page.
* Trend *
Linke Onlinezeitung für die alltägliche Wut
* Twokmi Kimali *
Texte zu Surrealismus, Anarchismus, Dadaismus, Situationismus....

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